Julia Palorinne

If you come to wonderful Helsinki, be sure to visit these places!

Minisuomi Museum - Definitely worth a visit!

 ✉️Have you already been to the museum, where in one place there is everything you need to get to know the wonderful country of Finland? I will list the local attractions that you will get to know 👉

‑Turun linna / Turku castle

‑Helsingin Tuomiokirkko / Helsinki Cathedral

‑Uspenskin Katedraali / Uspenski Cathedral

‑Helsingin Olympiastadion / Helsinki Olympic Stadium

‑Joulupukin Pajakylä / Santa Claus village

‑Turun Tuomiokirkko / Turku Cathedral



‑Muumitalo / Moominhouse


‑Kansallismuseo / National museum


‑ Marsalkka Mannerheimin salonkivaunu / The saloon car of Marshal Mannerheim

Minisuomi museum:

🎈A wonderful, calm environment for exploring the sights. You don’t have to wander around the floors for a long time getting tired, everything is in one place and on one floor.

🎈perfectly suitable for all people without exception (well suited for people with disabilities, as space allows),

🎈good location of the museum on the map!

✅A modern museum full of graphics and many languages to listen to!

Address: Maurinkatu 8-12, 00170 Helsinki

Helsingin kaupunginmuseo / Helsinki City Museum

✅The only museum in the world dedicated to Helsinki!

✅The museum plunges into the past of Helsinki and evokes common memories of the history of the city.

✅In the time machine, Xin Brander's photographs taken a hundred years ago come to life thanks to new technologies. The time machine also brings the 1960s and 80s to the streets and courtyards of Helsinki.

✅ In the children's city, Helsinki's past becomes familiar thanks to an atmosphere that invites children to explore through the game and the opportunity to touch everything that is in the children's city. This is my favorite place💞

✅On the top floor of the museum, changing exhibitions on various topics are held.

✅The Helsinki City Museum is located on the corner of Senate Square in the oldest quarters of the city and is always free. In the City Museum, everyone will undoubtedly have the opportunity to fall in love with Helsinki.

Address: Aleksanterinkatu 16, 00170 Helsinki

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