Let's get to know each other!

Hi! My name is Julia and I blog about life and people that live near us. I also host excursions for residents and tourists of Helsinki and Finland. We work with other guides of the country and are always here to find an excursion just for you! Our motto: Who If Not Me

Let me introduce myself: 

My name is Julia and I am the author of this website. Currently I have been living in the amazing country of Finland for 11 years and am a certified tour guide around Helsinki. I have two great kids and an amazing husband, with whom we run our tourism business.

My dream is to unite people. I love everything related to travel, photography, self-development and art.

I offer tour guide services around Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finnish-Russian translation services and rental services. 

Currently we have a house available for rent in a beautiful place in Saimaa, Ruokolahti. There you can take a break from the constant bustle of work, enjoy nature and go fishing. Mushroom and berry picking places, meditation in nature, a sauna and the purest Lake Saimaa are guaranteed.

Also on my website you can find stories about people. Our motto is: Who If Not Me. If you’re still interested, then you’re on the right website. Enjoy!

Our other services: www.palorinne.com

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